Make Hundreds of Wow Gold by Daily Quest

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World of Warcraft is a game that full of fun and relaxing. The game should stay that way. We need some World of Warcraft gold to enjoy the game. The cheap Wow gold we grind for hours is something important and of great use. Daily quest is one of the most efficient ways to make gold in Wow. You can make as much as 200-300 gold pieces per hour by doing daily quest.

In order to do a good job in you should choose your questing area first. You can earn both gold and reputation in your daily quest. But in order to save your time doing the quest you should choose one place for your quest. Or you will always travelling and finding quest to do. There are quest in the big cities, on outlands and north rend. You can point one area for your quest.

You should make a route through your daily quests. If you find the way to do the quest you will save a lot of time and do more quests. You should pick a route and follow it instead of doing quest here and there. You should spend time gathering quests first and then complete them in the right order.

You should not do every quest you meet. You should do the quests that you find worthwhile only. Some quests take long time to finish and the reward is not much. It is better to do other things. Unless you want to do them to gain reputation you should skip them. You’d better use a stop watch to time yourself and find which quest brings the most gold at the least amount of time.

When timing yourself you should take your travel time into consideration as well. If it takes 20 minutes to go there and takes 5 minutes to finish the quest, there would be no point to do the quest any more.

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Make Hundreds of Wow Gold by Daily Quest

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Make Hundreds of Wow Gold by Daily Quest

This article was published on 2012/04/12